Traditional Thai massage has been used in Thailand for more than 2,500 years for muscle relaxation and healing. The technique focuses on the invisible energy lines that traverse the body called “Sen”. Although there are 72,000 invisible energy lines, only ten of these are essential for the healing of all the body parts and internal organs. Traditional Thai massage principles work on the basis that when these energy lines become blocked, many ailments can result. The experience involves a combination of gentle pressures along the Sen Lines and Yoga-like stretches, because of this it is often referred to as a type of assisted Yoga.

The popularity of massage has grown massively in recent years, with many people adding massage to their routine, helping maintain their health and well-being. There are many different types of massage, however Traditional Thai massage has emerged as one of the clear favourites.

Traditional Thai massage is believed to provide a multitude of benefits to the body, while most of these are difficult to prove scientifically, anecdotally many people have reported many benefits, including:

Total Relaxation

By relieving the blocked energy lines with rhythmic hand maneuvers and stretching, you can achieve total relaxation of your body. This can result in you having a better state of mind and well-being. Relief from emotional stress and improved sleeping patterns is also often reported. One of the contributing factors to this seems to be a reduction in the “stress hormone” cortisol and an increase in the “happy hormone” serotonin.


The stretching maneuvers will help to maximize your range of motion and flexibility in your limbs. During the yoga-like stretches your muscles and nerves are stimulated to their maximum straining point relieving stiffness. This form of release is said to increase the person’s vital reflexes providing better balance and work performance. Having good joint flexibility can reduce the severity of pain if you suffer form arthritis.

Toning down

The repeated slow and gradual hand techniques will reduce pacing of your bio-rhythm while relaxing. Your muscles are relaxed which helps to promote better circulation around your body, which can help bring your blood pressure down to its relaxed state. If you suffer from high blood pressure, regular Traditional Thai massages can help to stabilize it.

Beneficial circulation

With the promotion of better circulation and lymph flow through the general relaxation of your muscles, your circulation can deliver an important energy boost to where it is needed throughout your body. Traditional Thai massage is reported to be beneficial in type 2 Diabetes by helping to normalize sugar levels. The continuous flow of lymph in your body promotes detoxification and better immunity.

Brain Circulation

By exercising pressure points to the Sen Lines around your head, better circulation to the brain is encouraged. With the increased performance of the circulation in your brain, an improvement in clarity of your thoughts is reported along with preventing migraines and vascular headaches. Good brain circulation is said to prevent the formation of blood clots which can cause strokes.

Better Athletic Performance

Traditional Thai massage tones your muscle groups systematically and stretches your joints to their full range of motion, which improves your athletic performance. In addition, the improvement of chest muscle positioning is said to promote better respiration during aerobic events. With the improved circulation throughout it is also easier for your muscles to rid themselves of the lactic acid which builds up during heavy exercise, the result being that you can maintain the intensity of activities for longer.

Pain Relief

Many conditions and injuries involving your body’s muscles and joints benefit from regular massage. With the relaxation of muscles and the improved circulation short term pain relief is very common with people reporting a significant reduction in pain following a massage, however, longer term pain relief is not so common. Because of this it is recommended to include regular massage as part of your pain management plan.

How often you have a massage comes down to personal preference along with having the time and the cost – In New Zealand the cost is very reasonable, with a typical 1 hour massage generally costing between $65 to $85 dollars.

Whatever you want to gain from your massage, whether it’s relaxation or help with a specific condition/injury, you can see from the long history and the reported benefits that you will have a difficult time finding a better therapy than Traditional Thai massage.

Here at Siam Massage Therapy, Luck has studied Traditional Thai massage along with other massage types in Thailand, receiving nationally recognised qualifications. Meaning you’re guaranteed to receive an authentic Traditional Thai massage when you book with her.

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