Foot Reflexology

28 Jan 2016

Foot Reflexology therapy combines the relaxing effects of a foot and lower leg massage with reflexology or the stimulation of pressure points in the feet. Reflexology is an ancient therapeutic technique that frees up blocked energy in the body’s energy lines, with the theory that sensory nerve endings in the feet are connected to muscles and organs throughout the body. Reflexology can be beneficial for the following: Pain relief Releasing stress & tension Revitalising energy levels Reducing anxiety Improving sleep Reflexology is not recommended for any one with heart or other serious medical conditions, broken feet/leg bones or pregnant women.

Thai Herbal Ball Massage

28 Jan 2016

The Thai Herbal Ball massage uses a herbal compress containing a combination of healing herbs along with massage techniques to give you a soothing and relaxing massage. The herbal balls used are warmed to provide a powerful and therapeutic treatment that combines aromatic, herbal and thermal therapies to treat stiff and sore muscles with a deep heat, provide relaxation and relieve stress. The herbs used in the compress have wonderful aromas and have many properties, including: You can discuss your requirements with Luck, to tailor the therapy for your needs and to target any areas, such as sore muscles, aches or sprains you may have.

Aromatherapy Massage

27 Jan 2016

The Aromatherapy Massage uses a combination of essential oils extracted from herbs and flowers to enhance the benefits of massage. The therapy is particularly suited to assist with your mood, with the available oils having different therapeutic properties, including:

Thai Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage

26 Jan 2016

The Thai Therapeutic Massage is a deep tissue massage which can focus on your areas of pain and discomfort in your muscles and connective tissue. This therapy is excellent for athletes or anyone involved in physical activities, especially if you have stubborn aches and pains or previous injuries. The deep tissue focus of the massage invigorates your body tissue and targets the causes of pain by releasing tension, removing adhesions and breaking down toxins built up in your muscles, ligaments and tendons. The Thai Therapeutic Massage is less about relaxation and more about treating specific pain, discomfort and injury in your body. The techniques used can leave you feeling a.

Traditional Thai Massage

26 Jan 2016

The Traditional Thai Massage is a form of assisted yoga performed by the massage therapist. The therapy is a physical, full body massage that combines a number of gentle, flowing exercises to move the body to loosen up muscles and joints, along with acupressure and reflexology to assist with all-over well being and relaxation. Benefits from Traditional Thai Massage can include: A Traditional Thai Massage is a fairly physical therapy, which may not be suitable for everyone. It is recommended that you discuss it with Luck prior to the therapy, especially if this is your first massage or if you have any health concerns, to ensure that this therapy is.

Thai Oil Relaxation Massage

26 Jan 2016

The Thai Oil Massage is a highly relaxing massage therapy. Using a massage oil to facilitate the therapy, traditional massage techniques are used to warm up and work your muscles. Specific areas of muscle tension can be focused on in this therapy, however for more intensive work on muscles the Thai Therapeutic Massage is recommended. Some of the benefits you can receive from the Thai Oil Massage therapy include:

Thai Back, Head & Shoulder Massage

26 Jan 2016

The Thai Back, Head and Shoulder Massage is a specific therapy focusing on the specific areas rather than the entire body. The massage helps to relieve tension in your muscles, improve circulation and reduce stress. This therapy is especially recommended for you if you work sitting down or at a desk all day. The focus on your back, head and shoulders helps you to relax and assists in the reduction of stress hormones in the muscles which can reduce the occurrence of tension related headaches. Other benefits that can be received from this therapy include: